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Índice de títulos de CODEPEH brochures in English

Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Clinical problems and frequently asked questions

 ACCESS THE SPANISH EDITION This brochure, which is a supplement to the Document “CODEPEH Recommendations 2022” (upcoming release), proposes an action protocol with measures to improve the quality of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening programmes, providing practical recommendations based on scientific criteria on the techniques used and their correct application for an accurate confirmation of diagnosis […]


This leaflet, in addition to the Document “CODEPEH 2021 Recommendations” (forthcoming), addresses a scientific review of the recent scientific evidence on hearing loss associated with another disability (AD+), providing recommendations for action on the detection and diagnosis of deaf children with associated disabilities, as well as children with other types of disability with additional deafness, […]


This brochure, complementary to the document «PREVENTION AND EARLY DIAGNOSIS OF OTOTOXIC HEARING LOSS: CODEPEH 2020 recommendations«, deals with a scientific review of the early detection, prophylaxis, monitoring and treatment of ototoxicity in the paediatric population, which causes a deterioration in hearing ability with significant consequences. Ototoxic drugs represent one of the main causes of […]

Update on-the-early-detection-of-pediatric-hearing-loss

This brochure, complementary to the Document ““Update of early detection programmes for pediatric hearing loss: CODEPEH recommendations (Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-up)”, completes the review and update of early detection programs for childhood deafness. It focuses on the diagnostic phase, decision-making regarding treatment, and the follow-up process. The update points out the etiological and audiological diagnosis, […]

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