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Aware of the importance of education in the lives of deaf people to ensure their autonomy and full participation in the Society, FIAPAS provides access for a wider audience to its informative materials and specialist publications, through its Virtual Library.

The versatility of the FIAPAS Virtual Library (FVL) means that PDF content can be downloaded, some of it can be accessed through a convenient customisable reading view, and materials and publications can be requested. Furthermore, its cataloguing system provides accessible, simple and intuitive browsing for all users, and makes it easy to locate materials and publications.

In addition, if you want to remain informed on the latest news regarding publications and materials being added to the FVL, you can subscribe at this link.

The Virtual Library will include new publications into its repository, as well as the progressive addition of other materials already published by FIAPAS.

Fomentando Inclusión Apoyando Personas Avanzando Solidariamente

(Fostering Inclusion Supporting People Progressing Together)

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