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Basic Manual of Specialist Training in Hearing Impairment

  • Editorial: FIAPAS
  • Author: Jáudenes, C. et ál
  • Legal deposit: M-47776-2004
  • Year: 2013 (5ª Ed.)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Pages: 472
  • Size: 240 x 180 mm


The aim of this Manual is to provide a theoretical framework of reference for the overall and interdisciplinary approach to the enabling and educational pathway of hearing loss people, from the time of diagnosis to their inclusion in the workplace, and it is also a practical instrument of support for families.

Twenty-six specialists from different disciplines took part in producing the Manual, covering seven content areas involved in the comprehensive care pathway required by the hearing-impaired person. Each of these areas consists of several specific chapters discussing the different health, educational and social aspects related to hearing impairment, including a section with an updated bibliography on the subject. A Glossary of Terms and a Documentary Appendix are also included.

For your bibliography:
FIAPAS (JÁUDENES, C. et al.) (2004): Basic Manual of Specialist Training in Hearing Impairment (5th Ed.). Madrid, FIAPAS (2013).


©FIAPAS 2004 (5th edition 2013)

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