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Childhood deafness. Guide to an interdisciplinary approach

  • Publisher: FIAPAS
  • Author: Trinidad, G. and Jáudenes, C. (coord.)
  • Legal deposit: M-40072-2011
  • Year: 2012 (2nd ed.)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Pages: 248
  • Size: 250 x 205 mm


This Guide provides a theoretical framework of reference for an approach to deafness, from the time it is detected and diagnosed, indicating all the resources needed to comply with the principle of inclusion in all areas, particularly education. It is also a practical tool for professionals.

Without a doubt, the possibility of receiving the appropriate audioprosthetic and speech therapy care early on during the preliminary stages, as considered in the Early Detection of Deafness Programme, will have a positive impact on the development of hearing loss students because it encourages them to acquire the necessary instrumental tools to participate in their schooling on a level playing field. Indeed, the success of these early detection of deafness programmes should be measured in the long term by the degree of educational inclusion achieved by hearing loss children who have benefited from such specialist care during the early stages.

Reference: Trinidad, G. and Káudenes, C. (coord.) (2011): Childhood Deafness. From early diagnosis to educational inclusion. Practical guide to an interdisciplinary approach (2nd Ed.). Madrid, Confederación Española de Familias de Personas Sordas-FIAPAS (2012).

©FIAPAS 2011 (2nd edition 2012)

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