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Diagnosis and treatment of secretory otitis media in children: 2016 CODEPEH recommendations.

  • Publisher: FIAPAS
  • Author: Commission for the Early Detection of Hearing Loss - CODEPEH
  • Legal deposit: M-264888-1988
  • Year: 2017 (2nd Ed.)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Magazine: 159 (October- November- December)
  • Pages: 24
  • Size: 210x297mm


There is significant incidence and prevalence of secretory otitis media (SOM) in children, although there is evidence that only a minority of professionals follow the recommendations given in the guides for its clinical management. In order to improve the diagnosis and treatment of SOM, to prevent and/or reduce its consequences on the child’s development, the Commission for the Early Detection of Hearing Loss (CODEPEH) has performed an extensive review of the scientific literature on the subject, and prepared a Document of Recommendations for a correct clinical attitude towards SOM, addressing methods of diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment.

The recommendation is not to use any medication, especially corticosteroids and antibiotics, with watchful waiting being the first measure to be taken for three months. Should SOM persist, the ENT will assess surgical treatment. The impact of SOM is greater on children with comorbidities of various kinds, so immediate action without watchful waiting is required.

Additional informative material to this document: Brochure “Diagnosis and treatment of Secretory Otitis Media in Children

For your bibliography: CODEPEH (Núñez et. al.) (2016): “Diagnosis and treatment of secretory otitis media in children: CODEPEH 2016 recommendations”. FIAPAS Journal, October-December 2016, no.159, Offprint. (2nd ed.). Madrid, FIAPAS 2017

©FIAPAS 2016 (2nd edition 2017)

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