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FIAPAS Journal 165

  • Editorial: FIAPAS
  • Author: VV. AA.
  • Legal deposit: M-26488-1988
  • Year: 2018
  • Language: Spanish
  • Number: 165
  • Months: April, May, June
  • Pages: 52
  • Size: 210 x 297 mm


EDITORIAL: The horizon in the rear-view mirror.

FIAPAS NETWORKS: 40 years growing together.

EXPERT OPINION: Fighting discrimination: The tools of law.
(By Antonio Luis Martínez Pujalte, Tenured lecturer in Law Philosophy).

EDUCATION: Hearing loss and languages. Yes, of course!.
(By Clara I. Delgado, CEAPAT speech therapist, IMSERSO).

OUTREACH: Movistar + 5S: We choose all.
(By Arantxa Díaz-Lladó, Director of Sustainable Innovation at Telefónica).

INSTITUTION: The National Association of Audioprosthetists (ANA).
Interview with Jordi Serra, Chairman.

SPECIAL: “Comparative study between uni and bilateral cochlear implants in children aged 1 and 2”.
(By Vicente Escorihuela, Emilia Latorre, Antonio Morant, Mª Ignacia Pitarch and Jaime Marco Algarra. Department of Otolaryngology. University Clinical Hospital of Valencia. University of Valencia).

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