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FIAPAS Journal 178

  • Editorial: FIAPAS Magazine
  • Author: FIAPAS
  • Legal deposit: M–26488–1988
  • Year: 2021
  • Language: Spanish
  • Number: 178
  • Pages: 64
  • Size: 210x297mm.


PUBLISHER: Today, a step away from tomorrow.

IN DEPTH. New therapies applied to hereditary sensorineural hearing loss. By Matías Morín and Miguel Ángel Moreno-Pelayo.

HEALTH AND SCIENCE. New indications in the treatment of deafness. By Luis Lassaletta and Miryam Calvino.

TECHNOLOGY, ACCESSIBILITY AND INCLUSION. Audio induction loop. Support product for auditory accessibility in taxis. By Begoña Gómez Nieto.

EXPERT OPINION. Hearing loss and incidental learning. By José Luis Blanco.

EDUCATION. Universal Design for Learning as a framework for the inclusion of hearing impaired students: Proposals for practical application. By Ainara Zubillaga del Rio.

NOTABLE NAMES: Águeda Domínguez.


FIAPAS SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTS. Child deafness with associated disability (AD+): CODEPEH 2021 recommendations. By CODEPEH (Faustino Núñez, Carmen Jáudenes, José Miguel Sequí, Ana Vivanco, José Zubicaray)

INSERT. Inclusive and accessible digital environments for people with deafness. Recommended guidelines for online classes, video conferences and video meetings.

ADVERTORIAL. Aural: 40 years alongside families of children with hearing loss.

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