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FIAPAS Journal 179

  • Publisher: FIAPAS
  • Author: Various authors
  • Legal deposit: M–26488–1988
  • Year: 2022
  • Language: Spanish
  • Number: 179
  • Pages: 60
  • Size: 210x297mm.


EDITORIAL. Overcoming the conformism that lurks over the years.

REPORT. People with deafness in hazardous situations and emergencies. An urgent commitment to accessibility. By the FIAPAS Technical Team.

IN DEPTH. The new possibilities for acquiring an ORAL L2 in pupils with hearing impairment implanted early, in the context of an inclusive school. By M. Monfort, A. Juárez Sánchez, I. Monfort, R. Amezcua, A. Arial, N. Baker, M.D. Bermejo, R. Gascón, E. Onrubia, L. Rodríguez and O. Sánchez.

EDUCATION. Those born with bilateral profound deafness: what factors impact their ability to learn post-implant spoken language? By Laura Bosch.

EXPERT OPINION. Bullying and Disability. By Carmen Jáudenes.

DISCOVERING DEAFNESS. Nerea Garmendia, actress and presenter. By the FIAPAS Technical Team.

NOTABLE NAMES. Xisco, protagonist of the FIAPAS 2022 Campaign. By Xisco Cercadillo. IN


FIAPAS SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTS. Presbycusis and Theory of the Mind. Study on the limitations of people with age-related hearing loss to understand their interlocutor’s intentions. By J. Valero-Garcia, I. IVERN, C. Mumbardó, L. Iglesias, J.M. Vila-Rovira and M.A. Pellicena.

INSERT. Children and Adolescents with hearing impairment claim their rights and demands

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