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Aetiological diagnosis of childhood deafness: CODEPEH 2015 recommendations

  • Publisher: FIAPAS
  • Author: Commission for the Early Detection of Hearing Loss - CODEPEH
  • Legal deposit: M-264888-1988
  • Year: 2016 (2nd Ed.)
  • Language: English
  • Magazine: 155 (October- November- December)
  • Pages: 28
  • Size: 210x297mm



Significant advances fundamentally in the field of molecular genetics, as well as in imaging diagnosis, together with the lack of a consensus-based protocol to guide and complete the diagnostic process once neonatal screening has confirmed hearing loss, led to this work by the Commission for the Early Detection of Deafness (CODEPEH), which is another step forwards in the Programme for Early Detection of Infant Hearing Loss approved thirteen years ago and implemented in all autonomous communities.

This Document of Recommendations is based on the latest scientific evidence and aims to bring order to a process for which there have been no agreed protocols to date. It aims to provide guidelines to support professionals when making decisions during the aetiological diagnosis process, which must be performed so as not to hinder or delay early intervention.

Additional informative material to this document: Brochure “Aetiological diagnosis aimed at early care of childhood deafness

¹ CODEPEH Members

² Medical Director. Institute of Oncology and Molecular Medicine of Asturias (IMOMA)

For your bibliography: CODEPEH (Núñez et. al.) (2015): “Aetiological diagnosis of infant deafness: CODEPEH 2015 recommendations”. FIAPAS Journal, October-December 2015, no.155, Offprint. (2nd ed.). Madrid, FIAPAS 2016

©FIAPAS 2015 (2nd edition 2016)


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