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CIBERER ACADEMY FOR PATIENTS. Diagnosis, therapies and research in deafness.

  • Year: 2020
  • Language: Spanish
  • Size: 60-80 minutes each seminar (depending on seminar)


The Centre for Biomedical Research in the Network of Rare Diseases (CIBERER) and its Patient Advisory Council (PCC) holds the “CIBERER Academy for Patients”.

These seminars on Diagnosis, therapies and research in deafness are aimed at people with hearing disabilities and their families, as well as professionals engaged in the field of hearing impairment.

This activity of the academy consists of a series of three online seminars, jointly organised by CIBERER and the Spanish Confederation of Families of People living with Deafness (FIAPAS), which took place on 5, 12 and 18 November 2020. They covered aspects such as the current treatment of deafness, its genetic diagnosis, and research into future therapies.

The full programme can be found here: programme link.

The seminars included in the videos below have been authorised by the speaker for online distribution over FIAPAS channels.


Webinar 1: Deafness Clinic
(Dr. Luis Lassaletta – ORL Hospital Universitario La Paz and CIBERER)

Current treatment of deafness
– From hearing aid to brain stem implant: a world of possibilities
– Can we predict the outcome of a cochlear implant?
– The impact of deafness on cognitive decline


Webinar 2: Genetic diagnosis of deafness
(Dr. Miguel Ángel Moreno Pelayo – Hospital Universitario Ramon y Cajal IRYCIS and CIBERER)

New developments in the genetic diagnosis of deafness
– Application of mass sequencing (NGS) in the genetic diagnosis of hereditary hearing loss. “before and after”
– CGH arrays versus NGS in the detection of CNV-type mutations (copy number variations). Genetically undiagnosed cases
– The problem of variants of uncertain significance (VUS). “More is less”


Webinar 3: Research and future treatments of deafness

(Dr. Silvia Murillo Cuesta – CIBERER and Instituto de investigaciones Biomédicas “Alberto Sols” CSIC-UAM)

Animal models and preclinical research
– Usefulness of animal models in RD research: what do they contribute?
– Animal models of neurosensory hearing loss of genetic and environmental origin
– Advances in preclinical research of hearing loss

(Dr. Matías Morín – Hospital Universitario Ramon y Cajal IRYCIS and CIBERER)

Therapeutic approaches
– Pluripotent cell therapies
– Adenovirus gene therapy, CRISPR
– Molecular therapy: antisense
– Beyond the cochlear implant: current status of cell-based therapeutic approaches, genome modification by editing, and using molecules to correct mutations

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