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CODEPEH Recommendations 2021

ACCESS THE SPANISH EDITION About 40% of deaf children have an additional developmental disorder or a major medical problem, which may delay the age of diagnosis of hearing loss and/or require intervention by other professionals. This situation is referred to as “deafness with added disability” (AD+). The reason why the population of hearing-impaired children is […]

Prevention and Early Diagnosis of Ototoxic Hearing Loss

 ACCESS THE SPANISH EDITION  Ototoxicity is defined as reversible or irreversible damage to the inner ear caused by various substances called ototoxic substances that cause hypoacusis and/or disruption of the vestibular system. Permanent hypoacusis significantly affects quality of life and is of particular concern in children. There is often a lack or delay in detection, […]

2021 (2nd Ed.)
Update of early detection programmes for pediatric hearing loss: 2019 CODEPEH recommendations

In order to complete the work started in 2018 in which the child hearing screening process was reviewed and updated, in its level 1 Detection, this document completes the review and update of the early detection programs for child deafness, focusing on the phase diagnoses, decision-making regarding treatment and the follow-up process, taking the most recent scientific evidence […]

2020 (2nd ed)
Actualización de los programas de detección precoz de la sordera infantil: recomendaciones CODEPEH 2018

Early detection programmes for congenital hearing loss have been successfully extended, especially in developed countries, overcoming conceptual errors argued against their implementation or critical to their effectiveness. However, some difficulties and weaknesses are identified in them: the detection of late-developing hearing loss and the percentage of children who did not pass screening and did not […]

2019 (2nd Ed.)
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